5 Spiderverse Costumes Better Than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Suit

Looking back on 2018, it was an amazing time for the Spiderverse fans. Most recently the Into The Spider-Verse animated film received critical and fan acclaim. Its hauntingly alluring visual aesthetic, true-to-form Spider-Man action, and the inclusion of multiple Spider-People made for a charming spider-treat. The PlayStation 4 Marvel’s Spider-Man game was a spectacular achievement in realizing the web-slinger’s potential on a gaming console.

Right before the holidays, as a gift to the fans, Insomniac Games released the vintage Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit. Replete with the suits’ recognizable silver web piping. Spider-fans have been clamoring for the Raimi jumper for quite some time and now have a holiday miracle on their hands. Spider-fans have genuinely been spoiled.

The Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit in action – Via IGN

Sam Raimi’s version of the spidey suit is a very nice addition but there are better versions of Parker’s trademark ensemble. Perhaps with a little fan push, we can see some more iconic suits and powers in the game. Here are five better versions of the spider suit not already in the Spider-Man game, but definitely should be.

Superior Spider-Man Suit

Doctor Otto Octavius set out to prove he was more than capable of becoming the Superior version of Spider-Man. With that in mind, Doc Oc mind swapped with Peter Parker and took on the role of everyone’s favorite web-crawler. His extreme measured would prove to be less than ideal for a hero, however.

The dynamic blend of black and red in the Superior costume mimic the darkest inside Otto’s mind as he paid the role of Spider-Man. The large black spider symbol looks corrupted, as its darkest spreads and cascades over the suit. Let’s get another bad boy Spider-Man in the game.


One of the in-jokes within the Spider-Man PS4 game is Peter’s insistence in role-playing as Spider-Cop. Peter’s alter alter-ego is a hard-nosed, by-the-book officer of the law. Our hero makes it a point to torture his friend Detective Yuri Watanabe with his nonsense at every available chance.

Lucky for everyone, the Spider-geddon storyline has made Spider-Cop a real thing. He comes equipped with the standard issue police uniform, mandatory push-broom mustache and blacked out aviators. This version of spidey is ready to bust some punks and be too old for this stuff.

Symbiote Spider-Man

The classic all-black look of Spider-Man. An alien symbiote formed the onyx apparel for Peter Parker. This suit was the first alternate costume for Spider-Man, dating back to 1984 and the Secret Wars series.

One of the more glaring omissions from the PS4 game was the symbiote Black Suit. It is the most iconic version of Spider-Man out there. It was so popular, the suit itself became a whole different character in Venom. The suits exclusion may have been to avoid any connection to the 2018 Venom film. Now that the Venom movie is out of the way, we can revisit donning the symbiote once again.

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles plays a large role in the PS4 game. He moves the story along, paralleling Peter’s hero journey to becoming Spider-Man. His path also leads him down an action-stealth road, translating into some of the more unique encounters within the game. Much like Into The Spider-Verse, there is a hero in Miles waiting to emerge. Unfortunately, we don’t see him in costume in the game.

There are references to the PlayStation game in the animated movie so the universes already share a link. In addition to Insomniac’s inclusion of a cel-shaded spidey costume in-game, adding the animated universes’ spray-painted attire to the game is a no-brainer. Mile’s unique swagger and visual aesthetic would be a welcome addition to digital Manhattan.

Spider-Man 1967

The old 1967 version of the Spider-Man cartoon is a source of many jokes and memes today. The show featured reused animations, inconsistent panels and questionable storylines (why is Spider-Man sitting at that desk with his picture above him). The one thing it did have was a poorly drawn Spider-Man costume.

A version of the old Spidey outfit with inconsistent shading and webbing would be a fun, dynamic costume. Watching as your web-slinger cuts across the Manhattan skyline losing and gaining costume details a couple of frames at a time could be frustratingly enjoyable.

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