Halloween-themed gaming events 2018

Big Large Huge Halloween

October brings cold weather, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween-themed gaming events. Join your friends or spook it alone with these  Halloween gaming pastimes.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost - Big Large Huge

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost – Big Large Huge

Every October, Bungie busts out the digital decorations and outfits its massive multiplayer shooter Destiny in spooky adornments. During Festival of the Lost, visiting the Tower in-game grants you a look at a festive celebration of the dead within the Destiny world. It isn’t only cosmetic this time around, as you get masks with missions attached, giving you a reason to dawn a themed costume and put boots on the ground. If you are a Destiny fan, Festival of the Lost is a good time.


Fortnite: Fornitemare

Fortnite: Fortnitemare - Big Large Huge

Fortnite: Fortnitemare – Big Large Huge

Epic’s grand battle royale game Fortnite has thrown its hat in the ring for Halloween-themed events with Fortnitemare (branding!). Leveraging the husks from Fortnite’s original incarnation Save the World mode, players drop into a spooky, mist-filled map where obelisks have crocked up and are spewing out the undead. The risk-reward of finding and killing these Husks is high, drawing attention to yourself as you deal with the shambling horde. The new Blade-inspired hunter skin is a nice addition to the roster of beautiful costumes you can don to roleplay as an undead hunter. The game is free, so hop in and try it out.


Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018


Blizzard’s Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018 has once again given its fans a new crop of haunting skins and the horde mode Junkenstein’s Revenge. Blizzard is always great about giving fans fun holiday experiences. Doomfist’s new merman skin alone is worth the price of admission (3000 pts to unlock. Get ta shootin’). If you haven’t played overwatch yet, what’s wrong with you? Hop in and get some spooky skins for your favorite character!


Hitman 2: Halloween special

Hitman 2 - Big Large Huge

Hitman 2 – Big Large Huge

The episodic Hitman game was a real treat. IO Interactive is giving fans a taste of Hitman 2 with its free Halloween pack. Agent 47 returns to Colorado, this time with a spooky scarecrow outfit. We all know how much this sociopath loves to cosplay on his murder missions. The mission is free with no end date listed. Grab it now and get creative with your assassinations.


Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies - Big Large Huge

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies – Big Large Huge

Black Ops 4 Zombies isn’t Halloween specific, but the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has a strange Zombie mode that people seem to love and the developers refuse to split off. This year, time travel seems to be a big part of the mode so go ahead and compete in a Roman Coliseum, because of reasons. The Zombies mode has become a staple of the Black Ops series, and folks seem to love it. Boot it up, cut off the lights and start surviving.


PUBG: Halloween Update

PUBG - Big Large Huge

PUBG – Big Large Huge

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds continues to stay relevant by giving its fanbase a new crop of Halloween skins. It’s not an event, but players can create custom matches, don their favorite macabre skin and go hunting like a real psycho. Nothing screams 100 player deathmatch like a group of manic clowns and butching killing each other. That’s the start of a horror movie I’m afraid to see.


Other Halloween-themed gaming?

Are there any other gaming events going down this Halloween everyone should try? Let us know.

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