Overwatch Wishlist: My 5 Big Ticket Items

My Ideal Junkrat Kit - Overwatch Wishlist - Big Large Huge

Fans of Overwatch have their own Overwatch Wishlist. The more I play, the more I compile a backlog of hopes and dreams for the game. Overwatch is undoubtedly a complete, and frequently updated video game. It is Blizzard’s persistence in updating the game that spurs the imagination of fans across the world. Here is a short list of BLH specific wishes we have for Overwatch.

Custom Character Kits

My Ideal Junkrat Kit - Overwatch Wishlist - Big Large Huge

My Ideal Junkrat Kit – Overwatch Wishlist – Big Large Huge

The highest item on my Overwatch wishlist is the ability to customize your favorite characters kits. Reworked characters are commonplace in Overwatch. Symmetra, Hanzo, Sombra and many more characters have changed to their basic move-set to there Ultimate attack. There are a few other Ultimates left on the cutting room floor. What if players were able to select and customize their favorite characters with different Ult’s or moves. The ability to customize kits would provide players more ownership of their main character and add a bit of strategy to player comp. Do you select Symmetra’s big ass wall or Shield generator? Does your #1 Mercy kit have team resurrection or Guardian Angel? Then, what alternate Ultimates do you supply other characters that have only ever had one special? That is where the creative fun for Blizzard begins.

Mix n’ Match Character Costumes

The Overwatch universe is ripe with over-the-top costumes for each of their unique characters. Over the years, Blizzard has created many fantastic (and some questionable) skins for their Overwatch characters.

One-off Weapon Pickups

Overwatch is chock full of colorful, imaginative objects of destruction. From Zarya’s beam cannon to Junkrat’s Riptire, the variety and creativity Blizzard put into the weapons of Overwatch (as well as all their other games) is impressive. Now give me more. As a byproduct of the Halo multiplayer generation, I am used to weapon pickups. Energy swords, rocket launchers, shotguns and more. Randomly dropped weapons scattered across the map could transform any hero into a new character, even for a short period. Imagine, if you will, a shield pick-up hidden on Ilios. As you harass the backline as Tracer, you find this shield and activate it. All of a sudden you are a mobile shield for anyone on your team for a limited amount of time, potentially turning the tide of a capture point.

Character-Specific Training

What if there was a training room or scenario explicitly tailored to each characters skillset. Maybe you want to play Reaper, but you find his kit challenging to get a handle on. Perhaps you merely want to get your hand-eye coordination for Mercy down. A training room for people who wish to practice with their favorite characters abilities could be the answer. Many will say “That seems necessary.” It very well may be, but it could also be fun. Titanfall 2 had a fantastic tutorial where it ran you through an obstacle course. There, you were able to hone your mech pilot’s skills and become comfortable with the controls. Something like that for D. Va where you must aim you Ultimate at a specific target to achieve maximum damage could be immensely useful.

Character wish: Mega Man style, android battle bot

My Overwatch Wishlist has a new Overwatch hero - Big Large Huge

My Overwatch Wishlist has a new Overwatch hero – Big Large Huge

Mega Man is great. I am terrible at the games, but my love for the little Blue Bomber is deep. What Mega Man fan wouldn’t selfishly love a character in Overwatch that was reminiscent of everyone’s favorite gun-armed android. I am not suggesting that Mega Man should be added to Overwatch (*clears throat*), but some fake version would be nice. Perhaps Efi Oladele, the little girl who built Orisa, could dawn a mechanized bodysuit with a hand cannon and get into the fight. For fun’s sake, give her a robot dog as well. Name the Orisa-style pup Woofi (since she’s Efi) and let it be a utility that follows her around. I could creatively concept this little girl bot all day. The point being, give me a Mega Man alternative!


The Overwatch Wishlist goes on

This is merely a fraction of all the amazing possibilities of Overwatch. Stay tuned for more pie-in-the-sky wishes. Don’t forget to check out our other features and if you are in need some creative, entertainment services don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

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