Overwatch Hero 28 Wild Speculation

Update: Hero 28 is officially Wrecking Ball a.k.a Hammond. Check out his backstory below and head over to Play Overwatch for his official reveal!



Original article below:

Overwatch Hero 28 is a hamster. The Overwatch twitter feed has released a teaser of the new hero. The hamster is potentially Hammond, one of the missing experiments from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Winston, the great bubble-dropping ape is the other. For weeks we have been awaiting word on the new Overwatch character, today we find out its a gun-happy furball in a rolling mechanized hamster ball.

Points to the team at Blizzard for creativity. I am sure no one expected a hamster to come bounding out, guns blazing. Now that we know who the hero is, let’s wildly speculate on how it can be utilized.

Support: Teammate Augment

If Hammond’s hamster ball is small enough, it can potentially latch on to teammates and augment their firepower with its own. As an example, Hammond acquires its Ultimate, which allows it to roll up on to Orisa’s shoulder. When attached, Hammond can boost Orisa to receive her Ult, while laying down heavy fire from it’s new vantage point. Think of it as an attachment for another hero.

Tanking with Overwatch Hero 28

We have no real scale context fo the mech ball. It could be huge. If so, Hammond could join the ranks as an alternative to D.Va. A giant, rolling, gun-toting kill machine. Much like the robot from The Incredibles. Speaking of The Incredibles

Rolling ball of doom

One aspect of the rolling daeth ball from The Incredible’s was it’s ability to roll around causing all manner of descruction and chaos. If Hammond is large enough, and in the tank family, and interesting Ult would be the ability to roll around the map, squishing the competition with reckless abandon. When complete, coupling it with a pop up gun barrage could wreak much havok.

The Overwatch equivalent to Rocket Raccoon.

Whatever the case, Blizzard is determined to create a colorful, eclectic cast of characters for the Overwatch fanbase to enjoy. This character tease proves the depths of Blizzard’s creative pool. I am excited to see what this hero can do. What a Gamify episode we could make on this…

I am allergic to hamsters though. So, I am a little torn.

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