The Big Large Huge Father’s Day salute to dads in video games

Fathers Day Salute - Big Large Huge

Father’s Day is a special day for dad’s around the world. Families give their Dads all the things they ever wanted. Tools to fix things their spouse have asked about for weeks. You never take them out either. Also, your mother-in-law is coming to stay with you. Clean up the gift wrapping and fix the spare room door with the screwdrivers we just bought you.

Video games are chock full of great, middling, and downright terrible dads. We have compiled a list of some of the best and a couple of the worse, dads in gaming. We also bought them gifts.

Bad Ass Dads

Kratos – God of War

Fathers Day Salute - Kratos of God of War

Fathers Day Salute – Kratos of God of War

Kratos and his son Atreus embark on an epic journey to scatter the ashes of their family matriarch. However, nothing is ever that easy. The father and son duo encounter trolls, Norse gods, ancient ruins, and their feelings. Kratos must deal with the death of his wife, the animosity between him and his son, and hordes of devils waiting to sink their teeth or swords or giant claws into him and his son. God Of War is a beautiful study of a father racked with grief and guilt, trying to relate with his boy. He is also trying to connect his ax with the faces of multiple enemies at once.

Father’s day gift for Kratos: Oh, the places you’ll go by Dr. Seuss

Marcus Fenix – Gears of War 4

Fathers Day Salute - Marcus Fenix of Goears of War

Fathers Day Salute – Marcus Fenix of Goears of War

Gears of War 3 gave Marcus the fitting send-off he deserved. With the Locus Queen dead and the immediate threat to Sera defeated, Fenix went off into the country and had a family with Anya. Jump to Gears of War 4, Marcus is an even more grizzled war vet. He is also the widowed papa of main character J.D. Midway through the campaign you pick up Marcus as your fourth squadmate and embark on another journey to destroy the reemerging locus threat. Marcus proves his metal after being devoured by a giant locus beast and living to tell the tale.

Father’s day gift for Marcus: a Wholesale box of WD-40 & a pair of whimsical shorts

Surrogate Dads

Lee Everett – Telltales The Walking Dead

Fathers Day Salute - Lee Everett of Telltale's The Walking Dead

Fathers Day Salute – Lee Everett of Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltales, The Walking Dead, is terrific, dour look at a surrogate father-daughter duo making their way through a terrible situation. Lee Everett is the quintessential video game replacement papa. He’s a man who did wrong and ultimately finds redemption by rescuing a little girl named Clementine. Clem just so happens to be the best virtual daughter in video games. The two together make a great team and form an excellent, tragic bond.

Father’s day gift for Lee: A quality leather jacket with reinforced stitching

Joel – The Last of Us

Fathers Day Salute - Joel of The Last of Us

Fathers Day Salute – Joel of The Last of Us

The Last of Us introduces us to Joel and Elle on a quest to find a cure for the fungal infection that destroyed the world. Before meeting Elle, Joel tragically lost his daughter in the fall of the city. His pain and suffering nearly broke him, until the Fireflies tasked him with protecting Elle. Joel and Elle form a father-daughter bond over the course of their journey together.  Joel’s inherent fatherly instincts rear their head when his surrogate daughter is in any danger. Right down to the end, when he must decide the fate of Elle or the world. What would any dad do to save his daughter?

Father’s day gift for Joel: Some Edible Mushrooms and How to Cook Them by N. L. Faubion

Secret Dads

Corvo – Dishonored

Fathers Day Salute - Corvo of Dishonored

Fathers Day Salute – Corvo of Dishonored

After a successful assassination attempt claims the Empress, Jessamine tasks Corvo of Dishonored with saving her daughter. As it turns out, its Corvo’s secret daughter as well. Emily Kaldwin is the love child of Corvo and Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. The two could not be together due to class issues, but that didn’t stop the baby machine from turning. As the royal guard, Corvo must protect the Empress and her daughter. For Corvo, this was a double duty as he is protecting not only the royal family but also his family. Secret daddy to the rescue!

Father’s day gift for Corvo: a bag full of macaroni art, clay handprints and ugly ties from all the years he “wasn’t” Emily’s dad

Bad Dads

Jecht – Final Fantasy 10

Fathers Day Salute - Jecht of Final Fantast 10

Fathers Day Salute – Jecht of Final Fantast 10

It’s one thing to dislike your kid, but to travel to another world to get away from him is pretty extreme. Not to mention you become a giant, world-ending monster that eventually fights its son in some dream-scape world in the far-flung future. Jecht was never there to teach Tidus how to dress, or laugh or generally be a less annoying man. Then we are left with a wooden boy who wears absolutely the wrong pants and acts like the kid who asks too many questions on a school field trip. And as Sin, Jecht generally ruins everything else in Spira. I still don’t know which is worse.

Father’s day gift for Jecht: A pack of condoms. No more of you walking around

Booker DeWitt – Bioshock Infinite

Fathers Day Salute - Booker DeWitt of Bioshock Infinite

Fathers Day Salute – Booker DeWitt of Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a great game where you shoot a lot of things to save a lady named Elizabeth. It turns out that lady Elizabeth is your daughter Anna that you sold to Zachary Comstock to pay off your debts in your reality. In [this] reality, Comstock lost his daughter and bought your baby girl Anna to replace her, who happens to be his daughter from your reality. You are also Comstock, and he is you. Just a different dad in a different reality who made a different choice. You are all collectively terrible dads though. Don’t sell your baby to pay off debts. There is always a lighthouse, a daddy, and a girl.

Father’s day gift for Booker: A gambling intervention and a Don’t Sell Your Daughter seminar

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