Great moments in gaming

Escape from Midgar

Escape from Midgar

The moment

After defeating Rufus, the Turks, and that awful helicopter enemy, it's time to get the hell out of dodge. How? Have Cloud jack a motorcycle while everyone else piles into the worst vehicle ever made and book it ...

Blind Buy is the video series that follows Adam's quest to play games he knows nothing about. It's a strange quest, but he does it for you.

The BLH Blindbuy Episode 5 - Catherine

The BLH Blindbuy Episode 5 - Catherine

This week, I return to the well of games I have never heard of and ...


Battlefield 4

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Battlefield 3

Bioshock Infinite

Borderlands 2

Candy Crush Saga


Condemned: Criminal Origins

Dark Souls

Dead Island